First and foremost…


Creative, I know. But how else are you meant to start a blog post? I don’t have much experience (obviously!) but i think it’s an adequate way of introducing yourself… so…


Obviously, my name isn’t Constance, but I guess the name kind of stuck after I watched the 2011 movie The 3 Musketeers and fell in love with a woman who would risk her life for the good of a nation. I live in Sydney, Australia. No, I don’t own a pet kangaroo and sleep with koalas. Where I live isn’t in the middle of nowhere, but it’s not exactly the place all the tourists flock to, because it’s in the suburbs. It’s kinda sad, actually. You see, because we’re not in the countryside, we don’t get government benefits, but we also don’t get the awfully snobby schools that city gets. Which is OK, I guess, because I don’t really know how I’d fair in a private, snob school for rich stuck-ups.

As you can probably tell, I’m a 14 year old girl with a massive attitude. I’m a lot like Jane Lane from Daria, which is an awesome TV show, but without the American culture. I guess sarcasm is probably my only defense while I sit in the family computer room, typing away when I’m meant to be washing the dishes.

My family is kind of stuffed over. We’re like the Brady Bunch, but without all the smiling children. I have 2 half-brothers, 1 half sister and 1 full blooded brother (confusing enough for you?). The oldest Oscar, hates my family and refuses to talk to us… so …yay! But his wife has decided that we must be worth their time, so she actually acknowledges our existence… surprise, surprise! The next is David. He avoids us like the plague because it must be embarrassing to have siblings that could be your children! I think he’s bitter because we’ve managed to establish some sort of family-ish thing that he’s not really a massive part of.

After that, there is Christina. She’s 22 and a massive princess who basically lives in her car, because she refuses to settle down at one house. She’s smart, but has absolutely no COMMON SENSE! She can’t cook 2 minute noodle, or microwavable pasta. She’s an OK big sister, but sometimes I feel like I’m being used. Does anyone else feel like that? The youngest (beside’s me) is Christian. He’s 16, and is going through male puberty. He’s a really… interesting… person to live with. Even though we are Spanish and Italian, my brothers life ambition is to be an Islander. Yeah, I know… crazy!

Then there’s me. I spend my time reading fanfiction, singing (off-key, if I may add) to annoying pop songs that I absolutely loathe, and trying my hardest not to conform to the stereotypes that our society dictates I should be. I spend heaps of time at my church, volunteering in the child-care (there practically my babies) and doing Physi, which is like dancing and aerobics put together.

And thats that. I could probably go on an on about boring stuff about my dull and useless life, but I don’t want to waste any more of your time. I have no idea where this blog will lead, but lets hope it’s good.

Bye bye,



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